Thursday, November 19, 2015

Technological Evolution

How much will the technology develop? The technological development we have seen is just the start of the so called “Digital Era”. The greatness is just about to start as things are becoming possible. Till this day, we have achieved so much and there’s much more to that. But it’s a strange feeling to see technology take over people’s time and effort. And there’s no stop to this technological evolution. Sure, technology has given us much more than expected. Things can be done easily and efficiently. But is this the right path that human beings are moving towards?

Looking backward, we didn't have smart phones. As for today, it is one of the best inventions in the life of human beings. In this 21st century, smartphone is a basic need. Everybody has one.We cannot take a breath without checking our Facebook twice a day. Social networking has become an important aspect of our life. Social networking sites are supposed to connect people. Are we really that connected?? Everyone is busy in their own world of technology. Even while crossing the road, people use mobile phones. Instead of starting a conversation with stranger, we prefer to use smartphone which has become the great invention to the mankind. And there’s no turning back, life isn’t that easy.

The addiction towards social media is a real question. How can a person spend hours and hours in Facebook only? There is nothing much in Facebook as it is all about people sharing their life via photos and words where most of the people pretend to be happy. Life is not about knowing what others want to doing or what others are going through. It is all about knowing yourself and what you want to do. It feels like technology has slowly started to feed on human beings. Technology has changed the world that we didn’t expect but it also has changed the human beings. It may be the price we have paid for, who knows.